How To Succeed In Dog Obedience Lessons


Your dog isn't the only one learning in dog obedience lessons. If you're taking your dog to these lessons, it's because you also need to learn how to train your dog. Not everyone knows how to get their dog to sit, stay, heel or walk on a leash properly, which is why dog obedience lessons are so important when you get your new dog. If you are considering enrolling your dog in obedience lessons, there are a few things you should know ahead of time in order to succeed (and for your dog to succeed).

17 July 2020

You'Re The Proud Owner Of A New Beagle Puppy. Now What?

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Congratulations on your decision to bring a new canine companion into your life and to make that companion a beagle. Lemon spotted beagle puppies make excellent family pets, but they are active dogs and need a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation.  If you and your family are up to the challenge, you'll be rewarded with an intelligent, loving, and loyal family member for many wonderful years to come.

25 June 2020

English Goldendoodles: A Thing Of Beauty!

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If you are looking for a beautiful furry friend to complete your family with, look no further than an English goldendoodle puppy. While a regular goldendoodle could come in a very wide variety of colors due to its poodle and golden retriever heritage, an English goldendoodle will usually be white, though they can come in different colors, depending on how much poodle heritage they have. What makes a goldendoodle an English?

29 May 2020

5 Signs You Should Take Your Cat To The Hospital

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If your cat has suffered an injury, it may be obvious that you should take her to the animal care hospital. However, cats mask their pain. According to experts, thousands of years of natural selection have led to their hiding pain — their wild ancestors had to mask pain for survival. Other symptoms, though, can indicate to you that your cat is in distress and needs a trip to the hospital.

28 April 2020

Interested In Reptiles As Pets? Consider Heat And Humidity Needs When Looking At Reptiles For Sale

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The antics of dogs and cats are popular forms of entertainment on social media, yet not everyone who enjoys these videos wants a cat or dog for a pet. Some yearn for a more unique pet, such as a snake, lizard, or other reptile.  But bringing a reptile into your home as a pet is a bit more complicated than adding a puppy or kitten. If you are among the growing number of those interested in exploring the idea of having a reptile for a pet, these preparation tips will help you ensure that your home will support the special heat and humidity requirements of this type of pet.

25 March 2020

If You Have To Board Your Dog During The COVID-19 Outbreak, Follow These Tips

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This outbreak is hard on everyone, but to some degree, life has to go on. For the most part, animal care businesses like dog boarding facilities are considered essential and have thus been exempt from the restrictions passed in many states and counties. As such, if you need to board your dog during this time, you should be able to find an open boarding facility. However, there are a few tips you should follow to keep yourself and others safe, and to streamline this process.

24 March 2020

A Vaccine For The Common Cold Exists - For Cats.

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Imagine if you never had to go through a common upper respiratory cold ever again. While it's not quite within reach for humans just yet, that isn't the case for cats. Courtesy of one type of vaccination, cats can potentially avoid a lifetime of common cold symptoms that can recur even without them being exposed to a sick cat. Here's what you should know about this condition and the vaccine that protects cats from it.

22 March 2020