5 Services Provided By Animal Care Hospitals

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Animal care hospitals are full-service veterinary clinics where pet owners can find all the treatments their pets need. These hospitals can offer routine and emergency treatments to animals. Here are five services that animal care hospitals can provide:

1. Immunization

Pets should be immunized when they're young. Getting vaccinated will protect animals from deadly illnesses that can cut their lives short. Vaccination is a quick and easy process that can confer immunity to pets. Staff members at an animal care hospital can keep records of your pet's vaccination schedule, ensuring that your animal receives all the shots and booster shots that they require.

2. Injections And Infusion Therapy

Medication can relieve pain, cure certain diseases, and alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions. Many types of medication can be administered in the form of pills or oral liquids. However, other medications are most effective when given intravenously or intramuscularly. Some pet owners are uncomfortable giving their pets shots. Fortunately, vets and vet techs can give pets all the shots and IV infusions they require. Animal care hospitals allow pet owners to schedule regular infusion therapy sessions for their pets if these services are required.

3. Sterilization

Overpopulation is a concern in many local pounds. When pets become pregnant accidentally, they can suffer from complications. Plus, pet owners can be then left with unwanted puppies or kittens. Sterilization refers to medical procedures used to spay and neuter animals. At an animal care hospital, you can have your pet spayed or neutered, which will render them infertile. Sterilized pets can live longer, healthier lives and display better temperaments.

4. Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm disease occurs when pets are infected with a specific type of parasite. Heartworm can damage pets' internal organs, including their lungs and hearts. Prevention and prompt treatment of this condition can help your pet live a long, healthy life. Animal care hospitals can prescribe heartworm medication to kill existing parasites and prevent new parasites from making their home in your pet's body.

5. Emergency Services

Animal care hospitals also offer emergency care services. If your pet is hurt, poisoned, or seriously ill, it may require immediate medical attention. Animal care hospitals can provide services that regular veterinarians can't. The vets that work at animal hospitals can provide emergency surgery and poison control services. Emergency services are available at any time of the day or night, and they can be instrumental in saving pets' lives.


20 July 2021

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