What To Do If Your Cat Is Afraid Of Animal Hospital Visits

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If you have a cat that is extremely scared of going to see its veterinarian, you are likely to be worried when it is time to make a visit. There are a few tactics that aid in diminishing the amount of fear a cat feels when it needs to leave its home to see its physician. The next time you need to make an appointment to see a vet, try a few of these actions.

Schedule The Appointment At Non-Busy Times 

Ask your cat's veterinary office to schedule an appointment at a time when there are no other animals in the waiting area. This may necessitate a visit during early morning or late day hours when other people are not as likely to be at the office with their pets. Before you bring your cat into the animal hospital, call the business from your vehicle to inquire as to whether there are other pets waiting to be seen. If so, ask that a staff member give you a call back when the office has been vacated.

Be In The Room With Your Cat At All Times

Make sure you are present as your cat's veterinarian conducts a check of their well-being. Your presence will help to keep your cat calm. Pet your cat during the appointment and use a soft voice with an encouraging tone. This helps your cat to realize they are safe and you are there to protect them. Offer treats to your cat if they respond well with food encouragement.

Consider An At-Home Appointment

If your veterinarian provides at-home service, this is an option that will greatly help your cat overcome their fear of being around strangers. There are no other animals to distract your pet and they will feel comfortable in familiar surroundings as their veterinarian conducts an evaluation of their condition. Before the vet arrives at your home, contain your cat in one room in your home or place them in a cat carrier so they do not have the option to hide before the appointment starts.

Use Medication If Required

Let your cat's veterinarian know about their anxiety when it comes to visiting the animal hospital. There are treatment options available to help calm cats that suffer from severe anxiety. This is usually in the form of medication that you need to administer before you place your cat in its carrier to be transported to the vet's office. 

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30 June 2023

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