You'Re The Proud Owner Of A New Beagle Puppy. Now What?

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Congratulations on your decision to bring a new canine companion into your life and to make that companion a beagle. Lemon spotted beagle puppies make excellent family pets, but they are active dogs and need a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation.  If you and your family are up to the challenge, you'll be rewarded with an intelligent, loving, and loyal family member for many wonderful years to come.

What's So Cool About Your New Beagle Puppy?

Beagles are members of the AKC's Hound Group, and they look like it, with the square jawline and muzzle and droopy ears. They are scent hounds and were bred to hunt rabbits and foxes. Because they are trained to hunt in groups, they typically get along well with other dogs and their handlers. They are very social and don't like to be left alone, so if there are long periods where no one is at home, a beagle might not be the best choice. They tend to voice their loneliness with mournful, loud "talking," which the neighbors likely won't enjoy. Because of their extra sharp sense of smell, they make excellent search and rescue or drug sniffer dogs. Because of their high prey drive, they are known to get preoccupied with a scent and end up lost. Therefore, it's important to keep them in a fenced enclosure or on a long leash when exercising. They traditionally are tri-colored (black, white, and tan), but can come in any of 11 accepted colors, including the lovely lemon-spotted beagle. These cuties are born almost white, but as they mature, the yellow spots and ticking begin to become pronounced. Your new friend will grow to weigh between 20 and 30 pounds and be around 14 inches tall.

Caring for Your New Furry Friend

Like any new puppy, your new little beagle will need lots of care and attention, especially during his first few months. Hopefully, you have prepared your new pup's home environment before ever bringing him home. He should have an enclosed area, away from well-trafficked areas, to sleep and get used to his new surroundings. Make sure he can't get to household cleaners, medicines, electrical outlets, stairs, or any other potential puppy hazards you see. Depending on your new pup's age, he will require feeding 3 or 4 times a day. Your veterinarian can recommend a high-quality puppy chow and provide a feeding schedule. Have clean water available at all times. It's important to start house training him immediately, but exercise patience as some dogs take longer than others. Take him outside after every meal or nap or whenever he looks like he needs to relieve himself. If he has an accident, simply carry him outside or to a designated training pad or newspaper. Never lose your temper or raise your voice.

Your Dog's Best Friend

Although your pup might disagree, your veterinarian is your little guy's best friend. They can help prevent certain conditions and treat others. Take your new pup to your vet within a few days of bringing him home. Your vet will give him a thorough checkup to discover any anomalies or health concerns, discuss a series of vaccinations your dog will need to prevent certain diseases, and recommend various parasitic controls, such as heart worm preventative, flea and tick control, and dewormers.

You've made a pact to provide a healthy, safe, and loving environment for your new beagle puppy. Enjoy getting to know your new friend's quirks and temperament and the little things that make her unique. This is the start of a long, wonderful journey you will get to spend with the best of companions.


25 June 2020

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