English Goldendoodles: A Thing Of Beauty!

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If you are looking for a beautiful furry friend to complete your family with, look no further than an English goldendoodle puppy. While a regular goldendoodle could come in a very wide variety of colors due to its poodle and golden retriever heritage, an English goldendoodle will usually be white, though they can come in different colors, depending on how much poodle heritage they have. What makes a goldendoodle an English? While there can be Goldendoodles that are white, a real English goldendoodle will have an English golden retriever parent. 

An English golden retriever has substantial differences from a regular goldenretriever. They have a stockier build and a straight tail instead of one that points upward. English goldens even have a head that is slightly wider than a regular golden retriever. The English goldendoodle will have a similar build to their English golden retriever parentage. 

In an effort to help you better understand an English goldendoodle, here are the answers to a few common questions people have. 

Do they come in different sizes?

The size of a goldendoodle depends more on its poodle parent than its golden retriever parent. Poodles come in several different sizes, with the most common being standard, mini, and teacup. The goldendoodle that you get may be slightly larger than its poodle parent, though not by much normally. 

What will their coat be like?

If your English goldendoodle is a first-generation (F1 meaning it is the direct descendant of an English golden retriever and a poodle), it will likely have a more straight coat than it's poodle parent and will likely shed more. An F1B English goldendoodle (meaning it is the descendant of an English goldendoodle and a poodle) will have more curly fur, and 9 times out of 10, it will not shed at all. 

Where can you find one?

There are many breeders around the nation that are willing to sell English Goldendoodles. However, you may want to check your local shelter before you seek out a breeder. Some people who get Goldendoodles have to sell them before too long for many different reasons. If you are unable to find one in a shelter, make sure to ask plenty of questions to the breeder in order to ensure that they are not running a puppy mill. 

In conclusion, there are many goldendoodles out there, but English goldendoodles are something special. If you are looking for an incredible dog, an English goldendoodle will most likely exceed your expectations. Find a breeder near you for more information. 

To learn more, contact a resource that has English goldendoodle puppies for sale.


29 May 2020

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