If You Have To Board Your Dog During The COVID-19 Outbreak, Follow These Tips

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This outbreak is hard on everyone, but to some degree, life has to go on. For the most part, animal care businesses like dog boarding facilities are considered essential and have thus been exempt from the restrictions passed in many states and counties. As such, if you need to board your dog during this time, you should be able to find an open boarding facility. However, there are a few tips you should follow to keep yourself and others safe, and to streamline this process.

Call the boarding facility beforehand to get an idea of what precautions they are taking.

With the importance of social distancing during this outbreak, many businesses are having to change the way they do things to minimize contact between individuals. Call the boarding facility before you go in, and ask about their protocols. They may be having customers wait in their cars while workers come out to get the dogs. They may only be letting one customer into the boarding facility at a time. Calling in advance ensures you know what to expect when you arrive.

Only bring your dog's most necessary items.

Dogs can't carry the virus, but the virus can live on surfaces. Surfaces could include dog bowls, toys, crates, and other dog supplies. You may figure you are fine because you are not sick, but the virus is contagious before symptoms appear, so you could be spreading COVID-19 on your dog's surfaces and not know it. As such, it is best to bring as little with your dog as possible. Let the boarding facility use their own bowls, crates, and other items, even if you normally bring your own. They will probably want to sanitize anything of yours that you bring along, so bringing less means they don't have to do as much work. 

Wash your hands after dropping off and picking up.

In dropping off your dog, you might touch a door knob or a cash register. In picking up your dog, you might touch a leash that another person has touched. Make sure you wash your hands or apply sanitizer after these interactions. It is also a good idea to leave anything your dog comes back with, such as their collar, outside until you get a chance to sanitize it with bleach and water. Don't bring these items into your home until you're sure they are clean.

With the tips above, you can ensure safety when boarding a dog during this unfortunate outbreak. For more information, contact a dog boarding facility in your area. 


24 March 2020

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