Taking an Aggressive Dog to the Groomer

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Some dogs love to be groomed, and others are downright miserable about the entire process. But what if your dog, rather than just acting annoyed when the groomer runs a brush through his fur, has a habit of acting aggressively when groomed?

Here are some tips to help you deal with this situation and keep everyone, from the dog groomer to your dog, safe.

1. Call ahead and tell the groomer about your dog.

You do not want to surprise the groomer unexpectedly by bringing in an aggressive dog. Some groomers are more willing and able to work with aggressive dogs than others. So call ahead and tell the groomer about your dog's behavior beforehand. If they tell you they cannot serve you, then accept that answer and call someone else. There are groomers who have more dog training experience than others and are better equipped to deal with an aggressive dog. They may even advertise on their website that they specialize in dealing with "problem" dogs.

2. Bring a muzzle.

Do you have a muzzle for your dog? If not, head to a local pet store and buy one. Many groomers keep them on-hand, but it is best that your dog has their own muzzle since they can then wear it before their grooming appointment and get used to it. This way, you can also put the muzzle on before you even take your dog out of your home, which will prevent any biting incidents in the car or in the waiting area. Note that the groomer may not be able to trim around your dog's face as well when they are wearing a muzzle, but at least the groomer will be able to address the rest of your dog's body.

3. Ask your vet about sedative gels.

If your dog gets really worked up, even with a muzzle on, talk to your vet about sedative gels. These are gels you can feed to your dog or even just wipe across their gums before a stressful experience. They will calm your dog down in general, which should help thwart the aggression so that the vet is able to care for them more effectively.

Even aggressive dogs need grooming. Getting them all cleaned up can be tough with their attitudes, but the tips above will prove helpful. Find a groomer who is understanding and can work with you, and consider using muzzles and sedatives. 


18 March 2020

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