Pros And Cons Of Choosing A White Golden Retriever Puppy

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Most people think of golden retrievers as being, well, golden in color. In fact, most are a golden, pale tan color, and this is where the breed got the first part of its name. However, there are some golden retrievers who are a paler color, which some people refer to as white, and others refer to as cream. Often, the majority of their coat is white or very light cream, and their ears are a little darker — the color of a traditional golden retriever. This is most common in golden retrievers with English bloodlines. Should you choose a white golden retriever? That depends. Here's a look at the pros and cons of bringing home one of these puppies, over a standard golden retriever.

Pro: They tend to have less hair.

English golden retrievers in general tend to be less hairy than American golden retrievers. So by buying a white golden retriever, which is almost certainly an English-descended dog, you are getting a less hairy dog. The dog will still shed, but you won't notice quite as much hair around your home, which most people consider an asset.

Con: People will continually be asking you what breed your dog is.

Americans are used to seeing golden retrievers who are golden. The white ones are rarer, and most people are not very familiar with them. People will see your puppy and ask you about the breed so often that you might get tired of answering this question. Explaining that you have a golden retriever puppy but it is white can get old.

Pro: You may pay less for the puppy.

While you might assume white golden retrievers are rare and valuable, the white hair is actually considered undesirable by breed standards. White dogs cannot be shown, or they do not do well in shows. As such, a breeder may charge less for these puppies than they would for a tan golden retriever.

Con: You may not be able to register the dog.

As described above, white is not technically a desirable color for golden retrievers by breed standards. They are gorgeous dogs and many people absolutely love them. But the puppy you adopt won't be able to be registered with the American Kennel Club. The AKC only recognizes dark, golden, and light golden dogs; white or pale cream ones are not able to be registered.

If you don't mind that you can't register or show the dog, a white golden retriever can make a lovely pet. They are less hairy, and they are more affordable than puppies who do meet breed color standards.

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18 March 2020

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