How To Succeed In Dog Obedience Lessons


Your dog isn't the only one learning in dog obedience lessons. If you're taking your dog to these lessons, it's because you also need to learn how to train your dog. Not everyone knows how to get their dog to sit, stay, heel or walk on a leash properly, which is why dog obedience lessons are so important when you get your new dog. If you are considering enrolling your dog in obedience lessons, there are a few things you should know ahead of time in order to succeed (and for your dog to succeed). Read on to learn a few of these things.

Get A Leash And Collar

If your dog doesn't already have a leash and a collar, you need to get them for your dog. The collar should fit your dog and have some extra space left for your dog to grow into. If your dog is a puppy, get a puppy-sized collar. The same goes for a leash — you need a leash that fits your dog. You don't need a retractable leash right away, although you may want to consider a retractable one for later down the road for your dog. Your dog is going to need the leash and collar at the obedience lessons, so be sure you have them with you.

Find A Local Obedience Class

If the obedience class is located too far away from where you live, you may not be as apt to go to the lessons. Find somewhere that offers lessons nearby so you'll actually attend the lessons and not give yourself an excuse not to go. If you don't have the excuse, you're more likely to go as you should.

Listen To The Instructor

Your dog isn't going to listen and be completely obedient right away. It may take a few of the lessons before your dog actually gets it. Don't get down on yourself or your dog — just listen to what the instructor is telling you to do with your dog. Take in the information and use it to help you.

Don't Give Up

Don't give up because you think your dog (and you) is going to fail the lessons. Again, not every single dog is going to get it right away. Don't give up and become a dog obedience lesson drop-out. Practice at home in between the lessons, and don't give up on your dog.

If you want to succeed and have an obedient dog, you have to do the work and train your dog as instructed. Don't give up — your dog will start to listen if you continue to follow through.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers dog obedience lessons in your area.


17 July 2020

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