Tips For Your Ragdoll Kitten Homecoming

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If you're looking for a kitten that will love you unconditionally, you're going to love Ragdoll kittens. Ragdoll kittens are known to be one of the more attention-seeking breeds of cats. Here, you will find some information to help you prepare for the homecoming of your new Ragdoll kitten.

Create a Safe Space

Your kitten will likely get into a bit of trouble while you're not paying close attention. For your kitten's safety, and your own sanity, create a safe space for your kitten to spend his or her time while you're away or busy.

This space should be free of all hanging cords — both electrical and not. There shouldn't be any strings on throw rugs that the kitten could chew and choke on and there shouldn't be anything for the kitten to climb that could potentially fall if the kitten tries to climb it.

The kitten's food, water, and litter box should be kept in this space. It should be a large enough space for the kitten to have the room he or she needs to play, but not so much that it is easy to lose track of him or her.

Invest in Quality Supplies

Spend a little extra on quality supplies. Things like a break-away collar, de-shedding glove or brush, food dishes, food and litter shouldn't be skimped on. If you're keeping a collar on the kitten, make sure that it is a break-away collar — you don't want him or her choking because the collar gets caught on something. Breakaway collars will release the latch if the kitten gets caught on things.

Water dishes may seem basic enough, but some kittens won't drink from still-water dishes. You may need to invest in a water dish that cycles the water through it. These dishes are a little more money, but they will keep the water cleaner and attract the kitten to the dish where it will drink the water it needs to thrive.

Fur Care

Ragdoll kittens have thicker, longer fur than other breeds. Typically, they do well taking care of their own coats, but can use a little extra help from their people. Use the de-shedding glove or brush once each week to remove the loose fur — this will help keep the kitten looking great, reduce the fur balls and make it easier to keep the fur off of your furniture and clothing.

Ragdoll kittens are among the cutest and most loving felines you could bring into your family. Hopefully, the information above will help you prepare for the addition and experience a great homecoming for you both.

To learn more about Ragdoll kittens and their needs, contact local Ragdoll breeders


17 March 2020

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